What Is Club Jump IN!

What Is Club Jump IN!



Club Jump IN! was initially created in Sebastian by Harry Parker, and later brought to Skydive New England during his summers there. It became clear to Harry that there was a growing gap between experienced skydivers and newly licensed jumpers. Brian Touhey quickly took a leadership role in guiding the new jumpers through their post A-license wandering phase. One of those jumpers was Brandon Aaskov, who now understands firsthand how helpful Jump In can be. Our sport is one that demands safety, and if you’re not learning with other people in the sky (not too many at first), then something isn’t right. Going from 25 jumps to suddenly being on your own and able to jump with others is overwhelming. Club Jump In serves as that guidance to get you to the point of being an experienced skydiver, when you can give back and help the up-and-comers. It’s a club that grows each year as we foster jumpers along the right path, and thus create more teachers and leaders for years to come.

Now the club is fully blowing up at Skydive Sebastian under the leadership of Bill Flynn.  His crew includes Jon Dixion, Mike Parker and Dara Shapiro.

Harry Parker is now in Lodi, CA building Club Jump IN! West Coast at the Parachute Center in Lodi, CA.


Inspire and nurture the skydiving culture and community one jump, one skydiver and one drop zone at a time. To provide a safe, exciting, judgment-free learning environment fostering leadership in the skydiving community while having more fun than anyone else.


Take the students and give them experience, take the experience and make them leaders and take the leaders and grow the drop zone.


Don’t Just Stand There! Jump IN!

Coaching Model:

Buddha’s 3 Laws Of Being For A Long & Prosperous Skydiving Career

  • BE Aggressive
  • BE Mindful
  • BE Aware

1) Platform

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Group Email
  3. Webpage
  4. Personal Blogs
  5. Industry Blogs & Webpages

2) What we do

  1. Make the UN-Cool, COOL
  2. Create a SAFE space for ANYONE to approach
  3. Lead through example
  4. Create Leaders with the same standards
  5. Create a FUN environment conducive to learning
  6. Teach, Share, Guide and Coach younger jumpers towards a solid foundation of survival skills and confidence
  7. Touch, Move and Inspire Others to action for the benefit of themselves, those around them and their community, ie., DZ

3) How?

  2. Through weekly jumping and BBQ
  3. Fun Jumping that include opportunities to challenge, learn and lead
  4. Events specially planned for members
  5. Delivering REAL Value to the community, ourselves and the businesses
  6. Celebration of each other and our accomplishments.

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