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From USPA:

Over the next month, USPA will be introducing its newest effort, the Make A Save campaign. The campaign will encourage jumpers to increase and revitalize their use of gear checks to help prevent accidents. A review of fatalities since 1999 indicates that gear checks could have prevented as many as 20 of the deaths, along with countless other non-fatal accidents and injuries. It seems that constant gear checks have fallen by the wayside, and drop zones and skydivers need a cultural shift to bring them back.

uspa-make-a-save-campaingThose numbers are scary!

Just a few weeks ago there was a BASE Fatality where the person opened their gear by mistake, took off their rig, pushed it all together and mis routed their bridal. Dead before they left the edge. A simple gear check would have saved him.

I’ve noticed a real lack of competency at the loading area. In several instances I quizzed some newbies on gear checks by helping them learn to gear check each other. What I found out was, they might go through the motion, but they really didn’t know what they were looking at or for. That’s freaking scary.

Back at Skydive New England, we always said out loud “Gear Checks Are Cool” and we did it in front of everyone, everyday and soon the kids were right on it. Check out the “How To” Video on Touhey Talks – Episode 4: Full Gear Check

In a sport which demands ego, its easy for people to shy away from the basics in fear of looking uncool or bad. As experienced jumpers it’s up to us to keep each other and ourselves safe.

Make the difference this month by participating in “Make-A-Save Campaign” and help steer the habits towards regular checks before you board the airplane. Make a Save today, the life you save might just be your own.

Definitely Check out the blog post and quick video on gear checks! See you on the tarmac!

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Touhey Talks – Episode 4: Full Gear Check


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