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Sun Dec 3rd   –   8:50am

At the DZ

Lodi, CA

$125 if you do the 10 minute quiz – $175 if you do not.


USPA Canopy Course for “B” License

Why the USPA Canopy Course for your “B” license?

After graduating AFF and moving through your “A” lic, the reality is, you are just learning how to save your own soul. Most incidents and accidents occur under a fully open and functioning canopy. And the numbers are not getting better. Add the fact you are probably now thinking about downsizing, now is the perfect time to give you some info you can use to make better flying and buying decisions. And, because you who you are being in the air affects not only you!

Moving toward your “C” license, USPA requires you to “re-familiarize” and “upgrade” your canopy awareness IQ. And we are going to make sure you have some fun doing it.

By the time you are done with this course, not only will you be on your way to obtaining your “B” license, you will build confidence in your canopy skills, from deployment, opening, negotiating traffic patterns and landing.

To speed the process of the course, you are required to do homework reading utilizing the downloadable PDF. You can do it on your phone, ipad, or the computer at the DZ.

Do your Quiz!. After reading the PDF, click the “Take your Quiz Link” on the same document. First page #4. It’s an open book quiz. Don’t have a lot of time? No problem, it’s only 10 mins. No excuses. You must pass with 75 points or more. Failed the first time? Take it again until you get it right. It’s open book.

Be at the DZ by 8:50am ready to go over the material you studied, answer questions and make 5 jumps. We will make every attempt to make sure all your jumps are videoed and debriefed with your instructor. Do NOT Get on First Load!


  • Canopy Flight fundamentals.
  • Performance
  • Progression
  • Downsizing
  • Design
  • Wing-loading
  • Controls
  • Accessories
  • Maintenance
  • Opening and separation

5 Jumps:

Advanced Exercises

  1. Evaluation Jump
  2. Basic Aerodynamics – Flaring – Riser Turns
  3. Stalls
  4. Flat Turns
  5. Long Spot

Two (2) Steps. Pay Attention!

1) Get Study Material

Step 1) Grab your pdf right now. Save it. Then Register for the course

2) Register For Course

Step 2) Register for the course. Click the button, reserve and pay. EZPZ

Call 707-971-0357


  1. Niccolo Leone

    What an awesome course/class. I wish I had taken this course a lot sooner then I did. I don’t know why I waited so long to take it! I learned a lot of important things that I can do to make me a safer and better skydiver. I was aware of some of the things that were in the course before I signed up, but It was a lot easier to understand after Harry explained the techniques to us. Harry is easy to understand and his approach and knowledge was easy to comprehend. I look forward to any other courses that Harry may offer.

    • The Harry Parker

      Thanks a ton for taking the time to write this. Super happy you got something out of it.

  2. Clark Verkler

    I just wanted to thank Harry for a great canopy course. I learned a lot, improved my confidence and skills, met some really great people, and had a ton of fun. This class was well worth the cost and time, and I’m using what I learned on every jump since the class. It showed me the value of working with an experienced coach, and how much fun it can be in a group environment. Great job!

    • The Harry Parker

      Thank you for coming and giving the course your all. You were the star student!

  3. Simon Lo

    Big thanks to Harry for running this course. Very hands on, very energetic. Amazing to learn how to swoop on a B license Canopy course. Just kidding. The safety things you taught made a huge difference to understanding the limits of flying canopy and fine-tuning landings to hit the cone. Stalling the canopy on rear risers and flying a canopy backwards on toggles was a blast. Going to have to keep practicing that second one in case of a 180 opening on BASE!

  4. Danny Bocanegra

    If you continue to be undecided on whether to take this course or not, you’ll be undecided and unaware of what to do in every day situations under your canopy. Make the day long (fun!!) investment for your safety and to gain a new baseline for progressing your own goals.

    Harry says what he means and means what he says, it is not often you meet someone who can do and teach with such high integrity.

    • The Harry Parker

      Thank you Danny. Your commitment to your education is real and apparent. Thanks got supporting the courses and making the investment of yourself. Looking forward yo jumping with you!

  5. Happy

    Thank you Harry for expanding my canopy world, its like I found a new sport within a sport and now I have to tools to explore the expansive world between freefall and landing. Harry’s passion for the sport is exemplified by his passion for teaching us newbies how to fly this pocket aircraft. You rock Harry, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!

    • The Harry Parker

      Right on! Never get board, get a new board! Once you start really flying your canopy and finding your boundaries, an entirely new experience opens up.

  6. Davide Carron

    Thank You everyone!
    What I learned?
    You can cut corners and get to the point, but without consistency, forget about the progress. Now I know What to focus on; thank you Harry for your patience!
    To find out the limits of our canopies was scary, but necessary to grow our awareness.
    The way I feel? Definitely way more confident now.
    It was great to work as a group, to learn from you all. You are amazing!
    We had a blast!
    Thank You all again!
    All The Best

    • The Harry Parker

      Thank you so much for the smiles and cold watermelon!!

  7. Harris Kashtan

    Thank you Harry for an enjoyable canopy course. I definitely came away knowing much more about canopy mechanics and piloting that will keep me safer as I progress in the sport. I highly encourage anyone really interested in the sport to take the course, not only for your B license, but to make you a better skydiver!

  8. Sam

    The canopy course with harry and bryan was a blast! I learnt so many more tools to use under-canopy it was eye opening! I am deffinetly a lot more confident in my canopy skills, general skydiving etiquette and safety! Harry is a wealth of information and his enthusiasm for teaching is inspiring! Thanks boys great day!!

    • The Harry Parker

      Thank you so much. Being prepared, and knowing the edges of your systems can really help you grow safer and faster. You rock!

  9. Erin

    Harry, you are a great instructor who clearly cares about the future generations of skydivers. I feel safer under my canopy because of your great course! Everyone should train under you!


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