Structured Skydiving vs Bail And Flail

Club Jump IN! at Skydive Sebastian continues to foster the leadership and growth in the skydiving community by teaching methods such as structured skydiving.  Club Jump IN! provides the frame-work, structure, and guidance to help newer skydivers progress in the sport.  This method of structured skydiving is provided to “A-Licensed” skydivers that are still learning Relative Work (RW), also commonly known as belly skydiving (belly to earth).  However, if you want to work on free flying or tracking, Club Jump IN! leaders will help you learn those skills as well.

What is Structured Skydiving?

Structured skydiving focuses on the planning and repetition of all skydives, starting from the group organization prior to  – at about a 20-minute call (pre-brief); to practicing the exit and free-fall maneuvers at the mock-up (dirt dive); to after landing your parachute, watching the video of that jump and communicating with each other about the jump you just made together (de-brief).  The opposite of structured skydiving, “bail and flail” jumps, are not structured, and tend to be “zoo jumps”.  Basically, everyone gets on the plane, with no plan, just to jump out of the plane and chase each other around in the sky.

Jon Belly Tracking

Jon Dixon – Belly Tracking

Goal Of Structured Skydiving

Structured skydiving with Club Jump IN! creates a fun and safe environment that encourages learning, keeps people interested in the sport and wanting to continue skydiving, while increasing the level of awareness, particularly when it comes to newer skydivers.  This method of structured skydiving will also enable rapid progression, will gain a higher level of confidence, and the skydiver will feel comfortable with their ability as a newer skydiver to Jump IN! larger groups.  At the end of our skydiving day, Club Jump IN! nurtures these jumpers in a “judgment-free” zone, along the right path in the “Life After Student Status“.

Jon Dixon Focused for Training Jumps

Jon Dixon – Focused for Training Jumps

Structured Skydiving Put Into Action

Club Jump IN! Leader Jon Dixon, “Big Jon”, spent two days training with Fly4Life Coaches learning and improving his tracking skills.  One day was spent with Coach Richard Scheurich learning belly tracking and another day was spent with Coach Claudio Cagnasso learning to track on his back, while still continuing to progress tracking on his belly.

Over the course of those 2 days, Jon made 12 structured skydives, that always consisted of:  a pre-brief, dirt dive, and a de-brief (a structured skydive).

Big Jon’s Structured Skydiving – Take Away

  • Focus, planning, and repetition in skydiving can lead to purposeful training jumps.
  • When we take ourselves out of “bail and flail mode” and move into focused and structured training, we learn more and we learn faster in a shorter period of time.

Watch Big Jon in action (video below) – Prior to this video, he had never back tracked before. 

Videos courtesy of:  Coaches Richard Scheurich & Claudio Cagnasso; and Jon Dixon (POV)

Video editing by:  Felicia Bovee

Jon couldn’t have said it more beautifully:  “We are all students in the sky” and “these guys are freaking awesome coaches”!

Way to go Jon!  Club Jump IN! is lucky to have you as a leader!

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