Skydiving Beer Rules


Skydiving Beer Rules


By entering aircraft or setting foot on facilities is unto itself an agreement and promise to uphold the Biblical bond of BEER RULES.


An unwritten law, one as immutable and irrefutable as gravity and backed by history, states that skydivers enjoy the drinking of BEER almost as much as flight itself.

  • A manifestation of this fact is the tradition of the buying by an individual skydiver a case of BEER (that being twenty-four cans or bottles holding twelve or more ounces of BEER, ale, or some similar such substance) for his or her fellow jumpers to celebrate the accomplishment of a particular feat or milestone in one’s jump career.
  • It is generally recognized that the buying and drinking of such BEER enhances that common bond shared by skydivers and contributes greatly to the body of knowledge concerning parachuting and its related activities.
  • It is a sad fact that some skydivers are ignorant of what constitutes a significant achievement (usually and henceforth referred to as a “First”). Equally sad is the fact that some unscrupulously thirsty jumpers will shamelessly try to “weasel” a case of BEER out of a jumper for an inauspicious event.
  • Recognizing this, the following happenings are to be regarded as suitable occasions for buying BEER. This list is not to be construed as exhaustive.


1.      Always buy your BEER
2.      Thou shalt never buy cheap BEER
3.      Thou shall not bear false witness about buying your BEER
4.      Thou shall not buy only green bottles
5.      Thou shall covet thy neighbor’s BEER
6.      Thou shall not hold other drinks above BEER
7.      Thou shall not lead students astray from buying their BEER or other equally high-quality BEER in other colored bottles

 Suitable Occasions
For Buying
One’s Beer

1.      First jump (It is not required of students. They are simply encouraged to participate).
2.      If more than one first is SAFELY accomplished on a single jump, only one case of BEER is required.
3.      Participation is voluntary. If a skydiver chooses not to participate by buying, neither shall the skydiver enjoy the fruits of the accomplishments of other.
4.      Non-drinkers may buy two large pizza’s, two cases of freeze pops or two cases of Favorite Water.
5.       It is generally recognized that using a reserve parachute for the purpose of saving’s one’s worthless, non-packing self from a gory death requires him to buy the saving rigger dinner or the bottle of liquor of the riggers choice.

Notable & Important First’s

After Completing the student course of instruction: One will be looking forward to these important miles stones and celebrations amongst the community.

  • First four-way
  • First CRW
  • First time in the peas
  • First night jump
  • First kiss pass
  • First competition
  • First water jump
  • First naked jump
  • First jump on your own pack job
  • First jump on a new main or rig (purchased, not borrowed)
  • First time you get your name or photo in “Parachutist” Magazine
  • First jump at a new Drop Zone
  • First jump at a Drop Zone in a foreign country
  • First jump on a different continent
  • First cutaway/reserve ride
  • First save (you riggers thought you were getting off easy)
  • First jump in a new type of aircraft
  • First wing suit jump
  • First demo jump
  • First camera jump
  • First broken bone
  • Any license, award, rating, or badge
  • Any jump ending in “00”
  • Gross safety violations not resulting in serious injury or death, such

 as but not limited to:

  • BEER lines
  • Runways
  • Taxiways
  • Jousting – The act of landing against the pattern
  • Object Strikes (ie; buildings, windsock, trees, cars, planes, people, etc. etc.

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