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Club Jump IN! is dedicated to creating an environment of learning and fun. You will find you actually grow quite quickly as a skydiver. Get the info you need and get jumping fast while building lifelong friends from the start.

Here are a couple of goodies to get you started. Something every skydiver needs.

These two are sweet weather info pages. Once set up for your DZ area, simply save to your home screen on your phone:

Bonus Goodies:


Put this on your PHONE Right now!! You will need this your entire journey of licensing. If you do NOT have this on your phone, please do not seek out our help. Please. Help yourself.




3 Day Weather Forecast:

Very Accurate and detailed – currently set up for Lodi, Ca. and Sebastian Florida, using the Melbourne Airport ICAO weather station. Totally customizable.

US Air Net – LODI

US Air Net – Sebastian


Skydiver Wind Forecast:

The most popular wind forecast used by Drop Zones everywhere. Again, save to home screen.

Garry Peeks Skydiver Winds – Lodi, CA

Garry Peeks Skydiver Winds – Sebastian, FL

Real time radar:

Great for florida jumping and dodging summer squalls.

My Radar for iTunes

My Radar for Android



New Jumper INFO!

If you are just off student status and trying to figure this skydiving life all out, this new jumper survival manual by Brandon Asskov is just what you need.  Get the simplified view and points you need to get up and running quickly.



Sebastian with Azimuth with Landing Drop Zone Landing Area

Whether you are at your home drop zone or visiting a new one, familiarizing yourself with the drop zone landing area will keep yourself & others safe.  If you’re jumping at Skydive Sebastian, download your copy of this aerial view!  Read our blog post on Drop Zone Landing Area safety.


USPA-online-schoolUSPA Online Skydive School

The new USPA interactive skydiving school is online and ready to fly.  If you are just starting out AFF or pushing through your “A” license and other licenses, this is a must read.  Use it at the office in your grey cubicle to keep your mind straight for the weekend. Read our blog post on the USPA’s Online School.


TK-Hayes-Accuracy-Seminar  TK Hayes Accuracy Seminar

The infamous TK Hayes of Skydive City, FL give his take on accuracy backed by over 20 years in the sport.  The skydive isn’t over till you make to the hanger! Learn from a PRO.  A must read for any new jumper looking for info to improve their accuracy.  One of your

biggest take a ways?  learning to SEE your glideslope!


  Canopy Control HandBook By Bryan BurkeCanopy Pilots Hand-Book by Brian Burke

Grab your FREE copy by PRO Legend Skydiver and Extreme Safety Sky Father, Bryan Burke from Arizona!  A one stop resource with tons of important game changing canopy control information that will take you from surviving to THRIVING in the sky!  You’re welcome. If you find this valuable, make sure to drop Bryan a quick note of thanks!


skydive accident review bryan burkeSkydive Accident Review by Bryan Burke

Data collection from 2009-2011!
Bryan Burke boats decades of hard core skydiving action, management and Safety and Training at Skydive AZ, one of the biggest skydiving centers in the world.  His attention to detail and data collection is known the world over the sport of skydiving.  Want to learn what really happens out there by the numbers? Give this one a read and learn from experience how to stay safe.


Masters Skills Camp HandbookMaster Skills Camp HandBook

Here is an awesome resource by the Master Skills Camp Folks.  All kinds of Golden Nuggets about Big Way RW Skydiving.  The stuff you need now to boost your knowledge and confidence.



Exit Separation


Check out an excellent briefing on Exit Safety, including Spotting, Winds, and Separation written by John Kallend, Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology.


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