Congrats all September 2017 Water and Canopy Course Graduates.

Thank you so much for supporting my courses, your education, and the evolution of safety in Lodi!!! You rock!!!  Pics attached 

Water Training – 11 people and one kid
Was fun as always. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah. Her open heart and generosity is unmatched. The pool, her pad, perfect. Her and the roomies totally pitched in! Walker took care of the cooking, Hugo even made a FIRE for afterwards. That feels amazing. And is what I love about skydiving. When we work together. Back each other up. I totally feel a part of something and accepted. It really empowers me to work harder, to be bigger, to push, stretch and grow as a human. Because together, we are stronger than anyone of us, and together, we can do anything. Thank you.
Canopy Course
Five students. Rocked it. Everyone made progress. As an instructor it was challenging. One lesson I learned Sunday, again, was to find one thing you can make consistent. Then build from there. Sometimes it’s hard to see the whole picture. If you are having problems with canopy control, accuracy, afraid of the traffic, landings, etc. Find one thing you can be consistent with. Start there. Everyone pushed their limits and I truly hope were able to take something away they will be able to use for the rest of their skydiving careers. By the last jump we were all standing in the same patch of grass. Thats progress. Thanks for showing up and giving it your all.
If anyone who has taken my course would be do kind to leave some positive feedback, I would be grateful. You can do so in the comments section of the course pages.
Make sure to keep an eye on the email group. Couple of cool events coming up!

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