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Take a few moments, go through each tab, complete each step to be totally connected to your new DZ, community and the resources you need to get a jump start on your skydiving career at Sebastian!

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* You must be signed into Google to request and invite.  It’s simple, take just a minute. Once we get your request and accept you, you’re in!  Make sure to read the front page of info BEFORE joining so you understand how the group works.  Once you join, you can always get out of the group by simply “unsubscribing” from any email.

The easiest way to get the latest info for your local DZ. This is a direct and immediate communication portal for what’s up at your local DZ. It’s two way communication. You can respond to an entire group!  Get a ride to the DZ, sell your gear locally, buy gear locally, get the latest info and news, request a training, book coaching, make new friends.

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A place to upload your pics, celebrate your wins and interact with other locals on Facebook in real time on the feeds.  Post your stories, accomplishments, ask your questions, get answers, get a ride to the DZ, give a ride to the DZ. Show your best accomplishments and see what your local buds are up to in real time.

Read The What Is This Page

Read The “What Is This Page

Just so you know what you are getting into. It’s a short ready and if you have any questions, ask. No matter your skill level, there is always to plug into the community.  At lodi, we are just beginning. So, there is a LOT of opportunity to make stuff happen, increase your skill level, get your licenses, and learn to lead.  Enjoy.

Bonus Goodies

Thanks for taking the time to fully hook up with Club Jump IN!
We strive to provide you with the info, tools and training to get your skydiving career off to a fast, safe and fun start.

Club Jump IN! is dedicated to creating an environment of learning and fun. You will find you actually grow quite quickly as a skydiver. Get the info you need and get jumping fast while building lifelong friends from the start.
This is your club! Make sure to get involved. As the motto says, “Don’t just stand there!, Jump IN!”
Here are a couple of goodies to get you started. Something every skydiver needs.
These two are sweet weather info pages. Once set up for your DZ area, simply save to your home screen on your phone:
Very accurate and detailed three-day forecast
This is the most popular wind forecast for skydivers. Again, once set up save to home screen.
This one is an app. FREE.  Real time radar. Great for florida jumping and dodging summer squalls.
If you have any questions, make your voice heard.
Look forward to jumping with you soon.
Harry Parker
Club Jump IN!

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