Your Drop Zone Landing Area

Let’s play a game!  The game is called Drop Zone Landing Area.

I’m going to give you a number, and I want you to give me the wind direction!  Meaning – the direction the wind is coming from!  Now…no cheating (JK)!  When you’re ready for the answer – click on the red “ANSWER” button!  Ready…Set…Go…!!!

 Drop Zone Landing Area Game








Now – What does this all mean?!?!

The wind directions are based on

the 360 degree circle of a compass:

North = 0 & 360

East = 90

South = 180

West = 270

How Does This Apply To All Drop Zone Landing Areas?

Depending on your drop zone and the different operating procedures, a piece of paper indicating the winds aloft will be posted for jumpers to review.  The Winds Aloft Forecast provides a clear visual of the directional winds and speeds (for your drop zone) at the different altitudes.

– TIP:  Ask for a briefing by a staff member or an instructor. Review the aerial view of the landing area. Be sure to learn the proper landing areas & patterns. Identify obstacles and possible alternate landing areas.

Drop Zone Landing Area – Winds Aloft Example:

Wind Diagram

How Does This Apply To Skydive Sebastian Drop Zone Landing Area?

Sebastian with Azimuth with Landing

This is an aerial view of Skydive Sebastian!

  • A directional compass identifying the degrees on the circle overlays the airport.
  • The green triangle is where we land!
  • The blue circles identify obstacles and possible alternate landing areas.


So now, whether you are at your home drop zone or visiting a new one, the next time someone tells you the winds at 3,000 ft. are coming from 220 with a speed of about 35 Knots, you now have the ability to identify many key factors surrounding “that skydive”!

Is this good stuff or what!!!  So Why Wait….Act Now!!!  

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