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Thanks!  HP

 I can not thank you guys enough for inviting me on some jumps during the invasion. You made me feel very welcome at an unfamiliar drop zone. The focus on having fun made my experience very enjoyable!     Adam  Boggio….

Thanks Bill, will try hard to learn more stuff with you guys! I’m stoked!   Yarik Sychov

Thank you Bill and all the Jump-In crew who welcomed this rookie into the fold. Will be back in February — can never get enough!      Michael

Jon, it was great jumping with you. Thanks for the jumps.     Peter Schichtel

WATER TRAINING COURSE – LODI: The water training was extremely well done. Cristin and Harry provided quality information in a clear, effective, and professional manner. I highly recommend this training to any jumpers seeking their B License.

Amanda Stang


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