Parachute System’s vortex recall information. How to get your NEW Rig from Vortex. Please note that in order for us to streamline the recall process we urge you to follow the instructions as set out in the service bulletin.

E-mail with necessary claim form and color selection should ONLY be e-mailed to , and note that all harnesses will be remade, we will not just be replacing hardware.

Once you have completed the instructions in the service bulletin arrangements will be made with you for couriers to collect the package as stated.

We thank you for your co-operation and patience in this matter.


NOTE: The replacement process is not a disassembly and rebuild of your existing container system. This is a completely new container being built and shipped at no charge to the consumer.

As such, this is an opportunity for you to change your color scheme at no additional charge if you would like, however please note that changes to the container sizing will carry a fee of $150 as this will also require additional components to be manufactured that are not subject to the recall (i.e. deployment bag/pc assembly). You can also add RSL, Skyhook, and custom embroidery for a fee. The fee is for container size NOT harness size.

Flying Flynn’s will help you even if you got the rig some where else.   While no one likes a recall Parachute systems is treating customers right!

Bill Flynn

Great rigs at a awesome price

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