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Young women skydivers push their limits and learning curve in their commitment to obtaining the historical and coveted Women’s Star Crest Recipient Award. This past month, Melissa Cole organized Women’s Star Crest Award Jumps in Lodi,Ca. and she plans to offer committed dates for others who want to join in on the fun. Melissa was so excited after finding the award and it’s cool patch, she immediately pulled a group together to see what was possible. It takes guts to stand up at the DZ as a young jumper and organize a group. But once people try it, they usually get hooked.

When you showed me the award the first time and I started looking through the web page, I immediately knew I wanted to get that patch! Especially after seeing many of our surrounding drop zones already have the award. said Melissa Cole.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to fill the load. This season has hosted a pretty big crop of new jumpers, both men and women, and having anyone stand up to organize is a welcomed event. A few of the jumpers who participated in this event had under 100 jumps, while Melissa has nearly 500 jumps (many focused mainly on freeflying, a very difficult skill to acquire).

While the round may look simple to build,  an incredible amount of hard work is necessary to bring together and organize the 7-way we accomplished. It was super challenging and all the girls had a great time experiencing what’s possible.  Melissa Cole.

7.16 WSCR Melissa

The Women’s Star Crest Award:

The Women’s Star Crest Award (WSCR) award is available to both women and men who successfully participate in a freefall star formation with a base of eight women skydivers.

Womens-Star-Crest-Award-PatchesOn Jul 27, 1969, skydiving’s first 8-woman star formed at Lake Elsinore’s Skylark Airport in Southern California. Considering the time period, this was an incredible feat in and of itself. Most jump planes held only four jumpers! There are several awards and variations on the theme, such as a night jump award, a hoop dive, and even a MEN’s award. These variations continue to increase skill level and fun, while ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn and earn.

Building a small round formation looks and sounds simple; however, when you are first starting out it is one of the hardest basic skills to learn. This foundational skill is one you will continue to improve and utilize throughout your entire career. The excitement and exhilaration of achievement cannot be overstated when witnessing your own growth within a group setting.

I couldn’t believe how much fun we were having just trying to build a round and not achieving it the first time out makes me want the award even more. My only regret is we didn’t start early in the day. There are a lot of girls around here and for the first time in a long time I saw us coming together. Melissa Cole

Learn Fast

As a young jumper, one of the ways to increase skills with a high learning curve and retention is simply to focus. Taking one full day to commit to just one objective is incredibly powerful. One of the major factors that tends to hold back young jumpers’ ability to learn quickly is a lack of focus, also known as Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Our DZ is loaded with FOMO. Young jumpers find it difficult to commit to anything more than one jump for fear of missing out on something else fun and exciting. The reality is, if you can find a group with whom to jump and commit to a goal until you get it, not only will you reach your objective and increase your skills in just one day, but you will also have way more fun.

Jumpers from my “B” lic canopy course are a perfect example of this and will agree. None of them wanted to commit to five jumps and an all day course, simply because there were so many other exciting opportunities, as well as the cost. At the end of the day, however, they now not only know that the money and time was worth the cost, but they also know they have gained new skills, new friends, and a new sense of confidence.

Make sure to connect with Melissa and check out the pics below to reserve your slot and chance to acquire your first award. Remember, it’s “Make A Save” month from USPA. Gear Checks are cool. Check out this post on how to make a gear check. AFTER You connect with Melissa.

Connect with Melissa!

Melissa-Cole-SkydiverMelissa Cole is a Lodi Local by all rights. Her enthusiasm, smile, friendliness, and loving vibe is always a welcome sight. Melissa is the type of person we all want at our DZ’s. If interested in joining in the fun, committing to earning the award, and having more meaningful experiences than anyone on the drop zone, get in touch with Melissa and let her know. Melissa is not on Facebook, but she can be found on Instagram! Follow her now and enjoy the ride.


  1. Follow Melissa on INSTAGRAM
  2. Leave a comment on this post of your interest so Melissa can give you her contact details privately
  3. Sign up for the Lodi Group Email List Here If you are jumping at Lodi, Make sure to .

Good luck!

PS – Make Sure to check out the Women’s Star Crest Award Site

Women's Start Crest Award group shot with skydiver Melissa Cole

Women's Start Crest Award group shot with skydiver Melissa Cole 7.16 WSCR Melissa Women's Start Crest Award group shot with skydiver Melissa Cole Women's Start Crest Award group shot with skydiver Melissa Cole



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