Master Skydiving Skills Camp
May 3-4 2014

Jump IN! hosts first Master Skydiving Skills Camp for locals and others May 3-4th 2014 at Skydive Sebastian with Jeff Jones of Master Skydiving Skills Camp of course Jump IN! organizer extraordinaire Billy Flynn, of Flying Flynn Productions.

With an eye on the sky we showed up to start our adventure for the weekend. I had met Jeff Jones the night before to discuss tools, theories, our past and vision of both Club Jump IN! and how the Master Skydiving Skills camp had evolved.

With sleepy eyes skydivers streamed in to join the group. The plan for the master skydiving skills camp was to train hard and hope that Axel paid the weather bill. We soon learned that guys tend to fly like wheel barrels and Ladies like they are riding unicycles. Jeff Jones with his keen eye and strong teaching skill made the ground school both fun and packed with information. We learned that one of the keys to flying was eating cheese burgers when skydiving (ham sandwiches for Paige).  In other words a solid hands in front box style position. A key takeaway was that every 6″ on exit means 30 feet of vertical and horizontal separation. Keeping  tight exits would save lots of time and altitude.

With class done we headed to the otter for load one. Jerry found us full altitude and the 3 groups exited to try what they had learned. On the ground we found that the video cameras were acting like the weather. My go-pro locked up, another battery went dead and a third would not turn on. I think Tony Jone’s video was the only one that worked. This would be a recurring pattern for some. All three groups had fun and we packed up and went on load two.

Jump IN! May 2014 Skills Camp with

Load two was not as lucky as Jerry yelled back 2700 was all we would get. Some did hop and pops. This turned out to be the last load of the day. We went over the jump before in detail and trained the newer jumpers how to debrief without video. Yes kids, we did that back in the old days. Video was a treat back then.

Sunday morning we started early to beat the clouds that never showed. The winds were a bit high and spotting was a bit tricky with a few people landing on the taxi way. We broke up into groups working on our new skills and seeing some amazing progress. Everyone was having fun, the mood was good. I screwed up the spot a little. Mike landed at the other end of the airport and had to walk back. Sorry Mike! We managed to do 5 jumps with everyone joining in for one last jump to test our skills and Jeff’s ability to help us to the next level. This is what the master skills camp is all about. Training, review, practice.

Master Skydiving Skills Camp

Master Skydiving Skills Camp Club Jump IN! Jumpers over sebastian

Last jump of the master skills camp came on a fast call. Less than 20 min. call and we had 10 skydivers and a video guy to arrange a 2 point skydive that would challenge everyone while being safe for our younger jumpers. Yarik who earned his “A” about 4 months ago with less than 100 jumps and Peter Dennis with fewer than 300 jumps were given slots. The jump went very well and we kept the last point for a full 8 seconds. Break off and landing went well. We had the best spot of the day. Everyone smiling and thankful for a good day in the air with great friends. It was great refining our skills and looking ahead to bigger and better skydives.

In the future we want to expand our skills and join up for some bigger jumps with Russ and others. If you think this was good you ain’t seen nothing yet. So grab your cheese burger and your rig and let’s go have some fun with the skills we learned during the master skills camp. Leave the wheelbarrow and the unicycle at home.

I want to thank Jeff Jones and Russ Manhold and Critical Mass for supporting Club Jump IN! and everyone who “jumped in” I would highly recommend Jeff Jones and his master skills camp to anyone with a wish to sharpen their skills and have a blast.

You can find all the pics, tag and share on The Club Jump IN! Fan Page

Bill Flynn

Enjoy The Video!

Master Skydiving Skills Camp May 2-3 2014

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