The women of Skydive Lodi, The Parachute Center completed their first quest in earning their Women’s Star Crest Recipient (WSCR Award). It took a couple of tries and, with a little help from some experienced jumpers and their own determination, they nailed it.

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When first learning to skydive, some of the most fundamental survival skills come from your RW jumps. Many jumpers forego basic belly skills because they’re difficult and, instead, choose to do 100’s of sit jumps, sometimes never touching another skydiver. Basic RW will teach you everything from team work, organizing, exits, fly-aways, docking, tracking, altitude awareness, and safety survival skills lasting your entire jumping career.

It’s FUN!

And, it’s fun. It took two full days for these girls to complete an 8-way round held for at least 5 seconds. Some of the girls haven’t jumped with each before, even though they all jump at the same DZ. Just ask Melissa Cole, who organized the jumps and WSCR Award Attempts.

“Our little group of girls made some lasting bonds simply by showing up. We are way more connected now and communicate better. Bottom line, this one event will create more fun jumping on the DZ.” Melissa Cole

Utilizing awards to encourage jumping can be a fun and rewarding experience. And it doesn’t stop with completing the 8-way, which leaves the rest of the group with opportunities to achieve their own “last to dock” awards. Other awards include hoop and night jumps. All of the jumps associated with these awards work toward the honing of basic skills you will continue to use when pushing for the WSCR Award.

“Having the award as the goal made me feel a part of something bigger than myself. It’s not just the patch, it’s the connection to the history of the award and skydiving itself. One of the coolest aspects was reading who had earned the award through the years, many I now know and call mentors and friends”. Amanda Stang

The WSCR Award

And then there is the award itself. Participants get a patch and a signed document; plus the DZ gets their own copy. Many famous DZ’s have the award. Some don’t. Does yours? Go look it up on the website. You might be the first to help bring home the award to your own gang and DZ. This was the second time in 23 years that Lodi earned the award. With all the new jumpers cropping up, the WSCR Award seems like it should be yearly for any DZ.

“The feeling of accomplishment is beyond myself. I really felt like we were doing something for the DZ, representing the community. Having our accomplishment announced and all the support everyone showed was fantastic.” Amanda Stang.

Actually, there are two types of SCR awards. There is the original SCR Award and the WSCR Award. The latter targets women while also allowing for men’s participation. Check out the links below.


Jumpers who earned the first WSCR at Skydive Lodi in over 20 years. Lori Butz on Camera.

1. Amanda Stang
2. Melissa Cole
3. Daniele Vitorino
4. Sarah Nahmias-Sorg
5. Bisan Sader
6. Keely Murray-Arthur
7. Maria Garcia-Sheets
8. Alexandra Schroeter

Learn More

Having goals keeps us on track and can making your learning environment way more fun. Make sure to check out these pages for more info. There are a ton of cool goals to set and meet. It’s not just about a round!

“The value of old school goals still pays off, decades later. There are so many different awards in the SCR category a huge section of regular DZ jumpers can not only improve their skill sand safety, but have way more fun learning together.” Melissa Cole

  • The WSCR Page – for women, and men can qualify too! Plus there is a night jump!
  • The OFFICIAL SCR PAGE – The original Bob Buquor memorial – make sure to read the CEREMONY.

Remember, if you ain’t smiling, you ain’t doing it right

Connect with Melissa!

Melissa-Cole-SkydiverMelissa Cole is a Lodi Local by all rights. Her enthusiasm, smile, friendliness, and loving vibe is always a welcome sight. Melissa is the type of person we all want at our DZ’s. If interested in joining in the fun, committing to earning the award, and having more meaningful experiences than anyone on the drop zone, get in touch with Melissa and let her know. Melissa is not on Facebook, but she can be found on Instagram! Follow her now and enjoy the ride.

  1. Follow Melissa on INSTAGRAM
  2. Leave a comment on this post of your interest so Melissa can give you her contact details privately
  3. Sign up for the Lodi Group Email List Here If you are jumping at Lodi, Make sure to .

WSCR Award Lodi


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