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If you ever thought you were not ready for Big Way Formation Skydiving, think again.  The team of P3 Skydiving is here to share, show and guide you to greatness.

An interview with Kate Cooper.

P3’s model of coaching for bigger formation skydiving is the gateway to bigger formations and world records.  Their team consists of Kate Cooper, Tony Dominico, Dan BC and Larry Henderson. As many of you know, Dan BC is one of the true legends of skydiving.  I highly suggest you check out his new web-page.  There are some informative blogs about team-building, winning and becoming a leader.  www.danbrodsky-chenfeld.com

I’ve known the leaders of this group for some time and have watched them organize world records.  But P3 is a different tack.  It seems time finally came to actually teach, coach and share the secret of Big Way Formation Skydiving.  P3 is everything we are as Club Jump IN! but completely different and on another level.

During the four days of the event at Skydive Perris Valley, I witnessed people learning so many new skills, improve, and achieve what really looked impossible from the outside.  I must say, it was pretty eye opening.  I was on the plane with the participants, filming them, meeting them and watching all the angles of the dives every day.

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As a camera team we watched as the P3 team took 75-ways and formulated a completion with a formation much more technical then what participants started out trying to build.  It was exciting. Days went by as camp members struggled with exits, fall rates and the idiosyncrasies of flying from four aircraft to build a 69 way.   P3 leaders virtually elevated participants to the challenge with precise coaching, positive reinforcement, and slot placement to eventually create success.  Even as just a cameraman on the load, I couldn’t help but feel as part of one big team.

As a coach and organizer of the less experienced jumpers I’ve become accustomed to leading, building and pushing anyone who wants to learn.  This camp blew my mind on what is really possible.  This one camp gave people opportunities to learn what I’ve only really been able to explain or tell stories about. After all was said and done, I had to get an interview.

Kate Cooper

As a founder and leader of Club Jump IN! I felt it my duty to share some of what I found out.  So, I dragged poor P3 Big Way Skydiving Kate Cooper into World Famous PRO Skydiving photographer Craig O’Brien’s video room and interviewed her.  I was extremely lucky to get this interview.  As you can imagine any organizer of an event this big is super busy and after full days of heat, jumps and work, virtually no one should be asked to speak on camera.  So, I did it anyways, just for you.

Hope you guys like this cut and I do hope some of you take advantage, make the leap and attend a P3 Camp.  The skills you will learn are invaluable and will last your entire skydiving career.  The friends you meet will last a lifetime and the visuals, experiences and memories will shine forever.  More importantly, what you bring back to the DZ and to your friends will elevate them as well.  It’s a win win.  Just do it

Are you interested in taking it to the next level?  What are you afraid of?  Just think about it. Many of you already have the skills.  With all the great skydiving you all have been doing lately and ll that you are learning, there should be enough to really have a great time and forge something new.  Do you think it is impossible?  Listen to this interview, I think you will be incredibly surprised!

Doesn’t matter if you are heading to freefly.  Everything you learn here is applicable and you will appreciate and value the bigger picture perspective of Big Way Skydiving.

Enjoy the interview Below:
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Kate Cooper Big Way Skydiving Queen

Kate Cooper Gateway to Big Ways

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