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Harry Parker “HP”, known as The Harry Parker, founded Club Jump IN! in 2009 at Skydive Sebastian.  Harry’s skydiving career spans more then 25 years and has a long history as a BASE jumper. Harry’s skydiving philosophy and style come from the Muff Brother days of ZHills, and Lodi, CA, and the Bungee Wallace Days of Skydance.

“My methods are straight forward, simple and fun. If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning. From Instruction to organizing you can count on a relaxed, fun, informative, and high learning curve environement.”


“Skydiving is home to one of the coolest activities and community one can find on planet earth. Every day our participation demands gratitude. Our friendships, camaraderie, trust, integrity, and commitment to safety give us the ability to do this for a lifetime. Be there for yourself, be there for others.”


“I use the most advanced teaching methods available, including; Skydive University Methodology and The Wind Tunnel, for exponential learning curve. I provide Total One-on-One Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and organizing to provide you with the skills, experience and confidence you will need to not only survive, but thrive!”

Harry is a long time skydiving photographer, coach, instructor, and event coordinator. Harry is an expert in the sport with an array of knowledge, training, experience, and skill, yet he is incredibly humble with a “down to earth” personality. Harry’s love and passion for the sport has been proven over the years, through lots of hard work and dedication. Harry currently resides in California and helps coordinate two clubs, one in Sebastian Florida and the other at Lodi, California. Harry is Club Jump IN!’s communication & marketing contact.


 “Much of a DZ’s business can come from the fun jumpers and student retention make sense. The students are the raving fans, consumers, and future coaches and instructors. They are also your community of friends and family. Ignoring their introduction, instruction, coaching, and organizing can be detrimental.”


“I love this sport and this community. It has opened the world to me in ways I would have never have known. I enjoy giving back and feel it a personal obligation to give the best instructing and coaching not just for the individual, but for everyone they will impact on their own journey.”


“It’s cool we get to do this at all. What’s even better is we get to do it together. Much of my work and efforts start with community and the power we have as a group.”


“Instruction and coaching are my passion. Being able to create community, teamwork, and safety from the ground up is amazing to me.”


Harry Parker's Skydiving Credentials on SIGMA

  • Over 25 years in the sport and over 5,000 jumps.
  • Skydive University Trained and Oriented
  • USPA Rated AFF Instructor
  • Skydive Club Jump IN! Founder
  • Expert Lic Holder
  • USPA Rated Coach
  • Aerial Photographer
  • FAA certified Rigger
  • Wingsuit Pilot
  • BASE jumper

Current Instruction:

In Addition, Harry supports the Skydiving Industry with:

  • Event Photography & Content Creation
  • Content delivery for brand recognition and community involvement.
  • Internet marketing for sales and traffic
  • Leadership Training for staff

Harry’s courses teach DZ owners how to leverage all the free and “sleeping assets” they have in place now and help them build new ones for solid and efficient staff participation. Courses concentrate on Leadership, Marketing and social engagement for business.

“Businesses are not made of things, they are made of people. Build your business from the inside out. Having a clear and shareable vision is key for staff and contractors to align with, grow into, and fight for. And when ownership happens, passion begins. You can’t buy passion. Passion attracts, builds, and excels all expectations.”


As just a little newbie, Harry fell out of a Beech-18 and landed into the swamps of the Florida Everglades. He was befriended by a pack of wild CReW Dogs, wrapped up in an old CRW Unit Parachute, and raised on 100 LowLead, altitude, and healthy doses of adrenaline. The Dogs taught him how to fend for himself in the wild of the Blue Yonder using nothing but a camera, a stack of tall tales, and a pull-up cord.

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