• 1200 + jumps
  • Proficiency in:  Belly Flying & Tracking
  • Home Drop Zone: Skydive Sebastian in Florida
  • USPA Licenses: A-60720, B-35514, C-39721, D-33246

Here’s What Mike Parker Has To Say


Mike ParkerMy jump philosophy is simple: check your equipment, be aware, be safe!

My question to you is, what is your jump philosophy?

Having the ability to stay focused while also remembering to have fun can be quite challenging.

After all, we are all here “for fun”, right!?!?

My passion for this sport is the reason I am here today:  I wanted to do something different – something more exciting than anything I had ever experienced.  I had great support from close friends and mentors that were ready and waiting – and when the time was right – I went for it!

I am committed to the helping new jumpers find their way in the community, sky, and culture of skydiving.  I am focused on helping you – so you are focused for a fun and safe skydive.


“Be calm, don’t give up, have fun and be safe”

Mike Parker Pic

If you haven’t jumped with us yet, Don’t just stand there, Jump IN!

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  • Send me a personal E-mail at mparker014@gmail.com

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