• 1400+ jumps
  • Proficiency in:  Belly Flying, Freeflying, and Tracking
  • Tunnel Camp Organizer – get your tube on!

Here’s What Jon Dixon Has To Say

Jon Dixon

“What kind of jumps are you doing?” It’s a question you hear in the loading area before every jump. My question to you is:

What kind of jumps do you want to be doing?

Of course, many jumpers have a favorite discipline, or one to which they aspire, but I believe we should strive to understand all modes of body flight, from belly flying to freeflying and all the angles in between.Jon Dixon

Let’s talk about where you are now and where you want to be.Then you and I will put together an action plan to make you a better, more complete skydiver from flawless exits to perfect landings. If you are already jumping with Jump IN!, thanks for joining!

The mentors in this group learn just as much, and have just as much fun as you do on every single skydive.

If you haven’t jumped with us yet … Don’t just stand there, Jump IN!

  • Reach out to me on Facebook.  OR
  • Send me a personal E-mail at jondixon9@gmail.com OR
  • By Telephone #:561-644-2661

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