Cindy Stroup

Cindy Stroup Skydive Club Jump IN LeaderLocated in Sebastian Florida.

  • Jumps: 1400+
  • Disciplines: RW
  • Ratings: Coach/IAD-I/AFF-I

Philosophy: I believe that safety should always come first. You may not like hearing what I have to say, but I am a firm believer in saying what I think.

About Me:  This is my 10th year in the sport. I started out in a small dz in eastern Washington state, recently relocating to Sebastian, Florida.  We started traveling to Sebastian 7 years ago and fell in love with not only the dropzone but also the town.  Once, my husband started thinking about retiring, Sebastian was going to be our new home.  We are fortunate to spend 8 months a year in Florida and the rest of our time in the Pac Northwest jumping at WestPlains Skydiving in Ritzville, Washington.  We have been skydiving at the Belize Boogie where we were able to skydive the blue hole and then scuba dive the blue hole, as well as Nicaragua.

I was on a Pacific Northwest Women’s record at the Kapowsin dropzone.  The Leap For Lupus Foundation has a boogie every year, where proceeds go directly to the University of Washington Lupus research.  The record was successful on the first attempt – 26 women in formation; truly an amazing record to be a part of and for an amazing cause.

I am also one of the founding members of the Dirty Pirate Hookers. Skydiving women in corsets with shots later — need I say more????

But, the very best of all is that I get to enjoy the sport with my very best friend and husband.  We share the same dream and the same philosophy.  We love the sport of skydiving and what it has given us; not to mention what we are able to give back to the sport.  We jump with everyone – no matter what your skill level is, we are here to help you succeed in skydiving and for you to excel in this sport.  This sport is a marathon – not a sprint.  We want you here for the long term – we want you to follow your dreams and aspirations.

Cindy and husband Ed posing for Valentine's day weekend

Photo credit Diane Nelson

We are available for jumps during the week – so if you are so inclined to jump during the week, feel free to contact us any time —-

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