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Bill Flynn – Co-Founder Head Organizer RW

Bill Flynn the power and passion behind Club Jump IN! at Skydive Sebastian.  Bill is our Lead Club Coordinator for Skydive Sebastian and handles gear sales and questions. Bill is committed to helping new jumpers find their way in the community, sky, and culture of skydiving.  Bill’s dedication to showing up every week for jumpers is legendary.  Bill is about fun and safety in a no pressure environment.  .

“I specialize in building a core group of skydivers looking to learn and enjoy every aspect of RW.”

Need a hand with gear?  Talk to Bill, he now represents just about every major manufacture and will get you into gear for less and faster. You can find Bill at the DZ just about any weekend.

From RW coaching, to Freefly Coaching, to all of the Angles in between.
“What kind of jump are you doing?” It’s a question you hear in the loading area before every jump. My question to you is: “What kind of jump do you want to be doing?”

Contact Jon For information about:

  • Tunnel Camps
  • Angle Flying
  • Free Flying


Cindy is a fun loving skydiving instructor and coach providing a honest, open, and caring approach where you never get yelled at and smiles just happen. And when it comes to safety, she is serious.

Philosophy: I believe that safety should always come first. You may not like hearing what I have to say, but I am a firm believer in saying what I think.

  • located in Sebastian Florida.
  • Jumps: 1600+
  • Disciplines: RW
  • Ratings: Coach/AFF-I

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Mike Parker – RW Organizer

As a Leader with Club Jump IN!, I am always focused on the core mission.  My jump philosophy is simple: check your equipment, be aware, be safe!  What I want to know is, what is your jump philosophy?


dave fuchs skydiver profile photo skydive club jump in leader

“It is such an honor to be invited to be part of such a dynamic team! I enjoy putting together some fun skydives that challenge my friends as we take to the skies together. I hope to serve as a resource helping the club and its members grow. I have a back to the basics approach to build solid foundations.”

I want you to feel comfortable with any Skydive knowing you have the skills to keep everyone safe and have a fun skydive! Belly flying has been my major emphasis but I have taken a liking to sit fly and really looking forward to more angle flying.

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Ed Stroup Leader Sydive Club Jump IN

Ed Stroup – organizer

Located in Sebastian Florida

  • Jumps: 1900
  • Disciplines: RW
  • Ratings: Coach/IAD-I/AFF-I/S&TA at Westplains Skydiving in Ritzville Washington.

Philosophy: Have and Be Safe!  Never stop learning.

About Me:  I have been skydiving for the last 13 years. In the summer we are based in Ritzville Washington at Westplains Skydiving with my wife Cindy.  We spend the rest of our time in Sebastian. I am currently a semi- retired Emergency Room Physician, who would much rather be jumping out of airplanes. I also enjoy scuba diving and boating. We are available for jumps during the week – so if you are so inclined to jump during the week, feel free to contact us any time —-

Harry Parker Leader Sydive Club Jump IN
Harry Parker's Skydiving Credentials on SIGMA
Proud flyer all things Squirrel
Harry Parker trusts and jumps all object Asylum

Harry Parker “HP”, known as The Harry Parker, founded Club Jump IN! in 2009 at Skydive Sebastian.  Harry’s skydiving career spans more then 25 years and has a long history as a BASE jumper. Harry’s skydiving philosophy and style come from the Muff Brother days of ZHills, and Lodi, CA, and the Bungee Wallace Days of Skydance.

“My methods are straight forward, simple and fun. If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning. From Instruction to organizing you can count on a relaxed, fun, informative, and high learning curve environement.”




Skydiving is home to one of the coolest activities and community one can find on planet earth. Every day our participation demands gratitude. Our friendships, camaraderie, trust, integrity, and commitment to safety give us the ability to do this for a lifetime. Be there for yourself, be there for others.


I use the most advanced teaching methods available, including; Skydive University Methodology and The Wind Tunnel, for exponential learning curve. I provide Total One-on-One Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and organizing to provide you with the skills, experience and confidence you will need to not only survive, but thrive!”


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