When learning how to fly in any formation skydive, it is important to know your slot in the group.  When participating in 4-way formation groups (also known as Relative Work or RW or belly), it is important to know your slot as it relates specifically  to the 4-Way Random Dive Pool.  If you are new to skydiving, the act of jumping out of an airplane can still seem so strange and overwhelming, especially when combined with thinking about the technical factors from exit to free fall to landing your parachute safely.  In addition, you are now about to do a 4-way skydive, struggling to memorize the dive sequence, the dive pool names and your slot.  Therefore, we can create fun and simple ways to learn the 4-Way Random Dive Pool while we are away from the drop zone, so we can alleviate any “added” pressures while we are at the drop zone.

4-Way Random Dive Pool lingo:

  • SLOT:  your body location and position in the group, relative to the other skydivers; corresponds to a position name.
  • POSITION:  will be referred to as either Point, Outside Center, Inside Center, or Tail (yellow) – depicted in the photo below.
  • MANEUVER:  the direction in which you are supposed to turn to complete the formation; also known as “turning a point”.

4-Way Random Dive Pool & Slots

Your slot is determined by your group, pre-planned and practiced while you are on the ground, at the “mock up” and during your “dirt-dive”.  When it is time to exit, your slot in the door will determine the specific grips taken with your hands on another skydiver and how your body is positioned relative to the wind.  Once the group is in free fall and in their slots, the 4-way formation group will then complete a predetermined number of maneuvers from the random dive pool.  Now, it’s time to learn the names of the formations as they correspond to your slot.


Tips/Tricks for Studying The 4-Way Random Dive Pool and Slots  

1.  To learn the names and corresponding letters of the formation, put each dive diagram (with letter and name) on separate index cards:

2.  To learn the slots and body position, put each dive diagram (diagram only) on separate index cards:


Now comes the really fun part!  Find fellow skydiver friends to play word games with – can be through text, instant message, Facebook, etc.  For instance, if you were to text:


  • Translates to:  H-i = Hi


  • Translates to:  H-e-l-l-o = Hello

Adder-meeker-t-s. Cataccord-star. Donut-u-star-sidebody.

  • Translates to:  L-e-t-s.  G-o.  J-u-m-p. = Lets go jump.

To make the game more challenging, text the diagrams to spell out a word (without the letter or name):


  • This way is a little more time-consuming, but it’s a great way to combine your knowledge of the letters, names, and slots!

See how fun this game is!  It fosters a way to learn one more thing about your favorite hobby while you are away from the drop zone.  That’s exactly how I learned!

For more information on 4-Way skydiving and to download the dive pool, check out Spaceland Lite by clicking HERE!

Now, go pick up your phone, find a skydiver friend, and text them a fun message!


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