Bill Flynn makes 1500th skydive milestone

If you ask Bill Flynn, lead organizer for Jump IN! Sebastian, the best thing about hitting his 1500th skydive;  he will probably tell you that it was no big deal. However, after a little prodding he does finally admit that skydiving has led him to a journey through out life that has allowed him to meet people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Jokingly he admits it allows him to harass fellow organizer Mike Parker.

Bill Flynn's 1500th skydive

Further, being a part of Jump IN! Sebastian has allowed him to hone his skills as an organizer working with jumpers of all levels.  Focusing on RW, he has been able to assist newer jumpers in developing skills not only in the air but in their other life passions.  Bill and 10 of his friends performed an 11 way speed star for his 1500th skydive in the clear blue skies over Sebastian Florida. “We put the fun in funnel,” he laughs about after the skydive was completed.


Bill Flynn being pied after 1500th skydive

Bill Flynn post 1500th jump



  • Much to his surprise, the group and his significant other, MaryAnne,  had made arrangement to pie him right after the jump. He was summoned to manifest to be surprised by the group with plates full of whip cream.  He did accept his pieing with due diligence – and despite wreaking of sour milk, continued to skydive throughout the day.
  • If you are visiting Skydive Sebastian, you can find Bill Flynn, as well as the other Jump IN! organizers available to organize in all disciplines on the weekends.



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