Sisters In Skydiving – Ladies Only

Friday April 29th, 2016: Jump In Sebastian Hosts SIS Event at Skydive Sebastian this last weekend. Friday kicked off with a canopy control course for ladies only by Flight-1’s own Maxine Tate. Ladies made three jumps before the winds kicked up and grounded jumpers for the rest of the day. We gained canopy skills as well as confidence in our abilities to land from long spots, cross wind and down wind, as a few examples. Most came away with not only more confidence in their ability to fly their canopies but also to land them in different circumstances. We all made new friends and strengthened friendships.

Jump In Sebastian Hosts SIS Event as 3 way women's skydiving formation over Sebastian

Jump In Sebastian Hosts SIS Event

Saturday started off with clouds that quickly gave way to partly cloudy skies and nice gentle landing breezes. JaNette Lefkowitz, from SDC Rhythm XP, organized the RW jumpers while Stephanie Strange from SDC Core organized the free flyers. The RW flyers enjoyed some four and five-way jumps, while the free-fliers enjoyed some one on one skill training as well as in a group setting.

For myself, I stretched my boundariesputting myself in positions that I am not use to flying. For instance, I rarely fly outside the plane, let alone doing the count – yet there I was doing both. After each jump, the video was viewed, debriefed and then watched again. We usually did a jump twice in the rotation so that we could do the jump, evaluate the jump and then go back and do the jump again to look at the improvements made by the our coach.

The SIS Event Provided Training

  • Changes in body position to match fall rate
  • Turning of pieces effectively
  • Launching 4 way pieces out the door (Bow/Sidebody exits)

Dinner was provided that evening by Jacob from the Zoo bar.  After jumping a few of us hung out over dinner and chatted about what we had learned over the course of the day. JaNette also talked with us about the tunnel camps put on by SDC Rhythm XP at Paraclete as well as the different resources available on their website, SDC Rhythm XP Skyidiving.HowTo

Jump In Sebastian Hosts SIS Event as 3 SIS participants pose after a day of skydiving together

Sisters In Skydiving

Sunday opened with clear blue skies while mother nature continued to cooperate with gentle landing breezes. There were two of us working with JaNette on RW jumps. This was actually very nice as it provided more individualized and one on one coaching.

In particular for me, the individualized coaching was very nice as the Rhythm Women’s Leadership conference will be starting in two weeks at Paraclete in which I will be participating in. It gave me a taste of what some of what the conference will be like.

Meeting new friends, mentoring younger jumpers and being mentored myself are what SIS is about. So, if you get a chance to go to a SIS event, no matter how big or small, it will expand your horizons on many different levels. Look forward to meeting you then! Until next time………


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