Skydive School:  Interactive and OnLine

How many of you work Monday through Friday and skydive on your weekends?  How many of you also try to find new and innovative ways to learn during the days that you are not skydiving?

Well…if your answer to these questions are:

“Me, Me, & Me”

Than learning by using this interactive and on-line USPA Skydive School tools are just for you!

Skydive School

This is such a cool way to learn more and to refresh our memory on the things already learned!  It is also interactive and has great visuals!

Dara Shapiro

Skydive School

What does USPA say about Skydive School:

“ was created with the novice in mind. These interactive training segments are geared toward helping beginning jumpers more than experienced jumpers, although information presented here intends to benefit skydivers at all levels.”

Skydive School

So what are you waiting for?!?!?!  Don’t just stand there…

Learn some more!! Visit Skydive School On-Line NOW!

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