How to get your Skydiving license in a week

I get more questions about the “skydiving license” than anything else. As a matter of fact, if I could package the “A” license in a week program, I would most likely sell that more often than any other service or product I now offer. So, you ask, How to get your skydiving license in a week

It’s totally possible and should never be expected. All people are different. If you have been sitting on a couch watching BASE wingsuit youtube and finally figured out how to unglue yourself from the Naugahyde, don’t event think about it. Know that the United States Parachute Association (USPA) Accelerated Free Fall Program (AFF) usually doesn’t come with a license. Most people take a week to do just the AFF and that’s only 8 jumps.The “A” license is a minimum 25 jumps with skill sets you must achieve, including canopy skills and parachute packing. 

On average, you can expect to take a month, if you are dedicated, to get your skydiving license. And that is assuming the right people are there to actually guide you, coach you, and stretch you to excel. And again, most depends on you and your commitment, your time and the size of your money bucket.

As independent AFF contractors, some of the only ones in the world, we vet out the wannabe’s. We have to. We are Lodi. We try harder. Our excellence comes from within. We manage and rely on ourselves. We are definitely not out to please everyone. We aren’t looking to make money as much as we are looking to create awesome, competent skydivers.

Who you need to be:

  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Committed
  • Willing to take direction
  • Proactive
  • Trusting

Physically and mentally prepared

My instruction is immersive with a very high learning curve. I use online training and the wind tunnel before I ever meet you. We make you go learn to fly in the tunnel first, so you can concentrate on the survival skills during training while improving your fight skills.

You are given tools you are expected to use right from the beginning, from weather apps to the USPA SIM on your phone, there is no excuse not to be prepared. It’s a process. When you show up, you are just a few steps short of your first skydive. We build on skill sets.

When you are through AFF I throw you back to the website for more learning and guidance on what steps you need to take next and who to contact to make it all happen. 

When you show up you must be free to focus on just this. Mentally and physically prepared to concentrate. Not hung over, partied out, and unconscious. You will have to take direction and preform. One of your biggest assets is body awareness. By that I mean, you are either active or not. You either partake in outdoor sports of any kind or you do not. You either take care of yourself or not.

If you are not getting outside, doing, being that which you seek, then at least start a yoga practice. You should be doing that anyway, but that’s another article. With all that said, to get your skydiving license is possible for just about anyone. How long it takes you depends on you, your abilities, and commitment. Anyone can do it, if they have the will. So, do not expect these results. Again, everyone is different. We concentrate on you, no matter how long it takes. And, if you jump into skydiving, rushed, on a deadline, short on time and cash, it’s highly recommended you stop, and rethink the process. 

“Learning to skydive is not the time to be rushed, out of time, broke, with no attention span.” THP

Committed – AFF –  26 jumps – “A” license – 5 days total.

To give you an example, our latest student Reda, flew all the way from Lithuania to get her AFF done with the commitment to going for her “A” license. She only had one week to be here. Reda looks more like a model than an outdoor extreme sports enthusiast. When she arrived I could tell she was focused. She was all business.

Reda comes from an outdoor lifestyle. At 21 she partakes in surfing, long boarding, snowboarding, kite surfing, and wake boarding. Anything that has speed, altitude and adrenaline. This gives her the edge to crossover into other sports, activities and disciplines requiring body awareness and balance. She also has a mindset.

“I concentrate on being super relaxed, going with the flow, trusting the process. I don’t push. I concentrate on enjoying the moment without worry. What will be will be. I guess the most important thing is being relaxed, trusting the process, and knowing the physical requirements.” Reda said

Preparation for learning and retention

I do a lot of our education online. In today’s digital world there is just no excuse. I am still amazed at how some Drop Zones will still take people totally cold off the street, cram a full day of intense info overload, then make them do their first skydive. Is this even possible? Yep, been happening for many years with great success.

Still, having you show up studied, knowledgable, prepared, is nothing short of jet fuel in itself. The first jump course becomes more of a review. You read and study first, get reviewed on site, and then begin application. The retention is noticeable. This can help move your progression quickly.

Another trick I use is to spread the course out in two sections. I will teach the first meet and greet and full overview of the course and review the night before including physical dive flow. Then you go sleep on it. When we meet the next morning you are ready. Allowing students to sleep on it, has proven very valuable. We do the other half of the course in the morning and get you in the air. A turned on, rested, student will make three to four jumps the first day.

Trusting the Process

I never push my students and am always giving them an out to stop if they are tired, not excelling or just not feeling it. My course is 100% about you and your goals. Not mine.

“Going through this process and the feeling of real freedom really fueled me past any barriers, doubts, or fear. When stuff is clear, explained logically and people are supportive, fear dissipates, and is replaced by trust. I found the environment supportive to my own success.” Reda Said.

I am amazed at how the equipment, education, and higher standards have really revolutionized our sport. USPA provides us with the most advanced information possible in a proven format. When I was a student, it took me months to get off student status. I was scared and looking back I simply survived the experience out of trust and excitement.

Coaching for quick success

Everything is always changing and I am constantly pushing to improve all aspects of your training. Coupled with new AFF instructors Michelle and Ronnie, we have a team ready to help you navigate, plan, and execute a path to your “A” license.

Michelle and Ronnie are fun, enthusiastic, knowledgable, professional, and relate-able. They love and excel at what they do and love. Both will take the time you need and also push you to take charge of your own advancement.

“We have a passion for skydiving and teaching. Both come together in AFF and every student skydiver. You give us 100% we will give you 110%. You can do this, we can help.” Ronnie said.

Once done with AFF instruction, be prepared to immediately jump into more reading, study, and one-on-one coaching to get that “A” out of the way. The true secret to getting your skydiving “A” license in a week, or even a month, is to be proactive. This is step two. If you miss this part, you missed your mark and your road will be longer in time and distance.

Show up prepared for review and clarification from your coach for your ground portions and ready to spend the ground prep time for your coach jumps. Spend your time on the ground. Get your monies worth in the air. A lot of people just don’t get that and will cut all the corners. Michelle, Ronnie, and myself utilize after jumping hours to make better use of your jump days.

The secret sauce

I asked Reda where she gets her drive and energy.

“I love being around people with similar interests who are positive, fun, outgoing and committed to what they are doing.” She said.

No matter what, the environment and the people will make a huge difference no matter where you go. Always take note of the people. A business isn’t made of stuff, it’s made of people.

“The people here were so welcoming. I felt right at home and at ease. I was explained everything as what to expected and what is expected. I felt very accepted and close right away. Feels like a family and I’ve only been here a week. I know I want to keep in touch and I know I will be back. Everything went way better than I planned.” Reda said.

With all that being said, skydiving is a community and global family. Do your research. Be proactive. Choose your people wisely. And get off the couch and make your dreams a reality.

Break your goals down into chunks. The reality is learning to skydive is a skill. It takes, time, dedication, money, and a flexible vision of where you want to go. Allow yourself the room to grow at your own pace.

If you are interested, make sure to read and follow the directions on our Skydiving Training Page. Get your Skydiving License.

Congrats Reda!


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