Skydiving is a lot more fun and productive if we learn to fall straight down on level and able to move in sync with our team mates. One of the keys is to find a neutral body position that is both stable but allows for positive but precise movement.

We can do this by flying with cheeseburgers.  The box man while very stable is also very limiting. The mantis is great but difficult to master and I think hard on the spine. It does a good job shifting the center point further back from the chest. I think the best compromise is Flying with cheeseburgers.

To learn to fly the cheese burgers you:

  • Put your legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  • Slump like a teenage girl with an attitude
  • Bring your elbows out with hand in front of your face like you are eating a  huge cheese burger.

Now you are flying with cheeseburgers.

To adjust fall rate is simple.  Fall faster you bring elbows in and slump into your arch more. To go even faster bring elbows in and down until they are pointing ninety degrees down. To fall slower bring arms forward and wider slightly and pivoting at the hips. Just imagine your upper body like a sheet of plywood. Make it flat and use your upper body strength to resist against the wind. 


Once you learn this be aware that during stressful times you may fall back to your old ways. This is normal and  it may happen for a while. With time and practice you will be turn points with the best of the group. While learning it’s helpful to have video for debrief.  This has been a standard with jump in from the start.  The first step it to show up at skydive Sebastian and  join us for a skydive. With Sebastian’s Club Jump IN! you are always welcome.  We can train you how to fly with cheese burgers and soon you will be a great skydiver and have a great time along the way.

Thanks for tuning in

Unkle Bill

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