Looking To Get Current?

If you’ve dropped in, dropped out, no matter how long and you KNOW you need to get current, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s a lot easier than you think. Follow these steps for the fast track. Do these steps BEFORE you show up.

  1. Read Currency in the USPA SIM
  2. JOIN the USPA (United States Parachute Association)
  3. Go find you logbook and any other paperwork, such as your “A” card you have been working on. This is very important.
  4. Read this “Getting Started” Page in its entirety. This alone will prepare you to get moving fast, give you the tools you need to succeed
  5. Come back to this page and book a coach

Plan on spending $30 a jump and $30 for serious ground instruction, vital to your education, survival and competency. If you are coming off a long layoff, we HIGHLY suggest booking your coach for the day. It’s worth every penny.

Best Deal: $150
For three jumps and includes all the ground instruction you need. This method allows for serious one-on-one instruction and is perfect if you are either coming off a long layoff or working on your “A” card. In the end you will feel way more confident and ready to really start jumping again by yourself. Get clear and confident on:

  • Drop Zone
  • gear
  • aircraft safety
  • exits
  • FreeFall
  • Canopy Control
  • Landing Patterns


find a coach for skydiving

Find a Coach

Finding a coach mentor is easier and more important than you think. Here you will find a list of USPA Rated Coaches. This means this person was trained to train. You will get one-on-one instruction. This is the fastest track to your goals, no matter your desired discipline, wingusit, BASE, FreeFly, RW, it doesn’t matter. Coaching fast tracks your success.



Make sure to have your study done as outlined in the “Get Your “A” lic” page so you are ready to go. Not doing your work wastes time and is disrespectful. Plan on spending $30 per coach jump and plan to give something for the ground time. Coaches are independent. Many will do this for free. Don’t waste their time. Do your work, come prepared. If you want to progress fast, get this done in blocks or chunks as outlined and plan to do at least 3 jumps with your coach. Anything less is really a waste of time and just you looking for a sign off. You can learn TONS by committing to a day of coaching with one person and be a much better all around skydiver because of the experience.

Sign up

Make sure you join the Lodi Local’s Email List. You can look for a coach by simply sending an email to the 100 plus jumpers. Ask questions, find new friends, get a ride, find a coach. You will also get notification of upcoming required courses such as Water Training and Canopy Course.

Get Listed

If you are a coach and want to be listed here. Just use the Contact Form on this site.

Your Local Coaches – Lodi, CA

Michelle & Ronnie

Both Ronnie and Michelle are filled with boundless energy and a heart for the DropZone and it’s budding community of young jumpers. They are passionate and care about your safety and education knowing the impact you have on the rest of us. They are the owners and operators of SuperFly Tunnels and can hook you up with solid flight training right on the dropzone. They book out fast, so if interested. Get in touch. Both utilize after hours training to make better use of your jumping day hours. Both can get you your “A” license faster than anyone, if you are willing to commit.

Ronnie Shuman has a lot of hobbies but he’s not content just doing them for himself. He loves teaching and inspiring people so in every sport he does, he becomes an instructor. He started martial arts at the age of 4 and by 15 he became a full time instructor and continued teaching for the next 9 years. He wasn’t content just scuba diving either and became a dive master so he could lead trips and be an assistant instructor. He has been teaching snowboarding and coaching a freestyle team for the last 13 years. When he started skydiving in early 2014, it was just a matter of time until he started helping others. In his first year in the sport he got his coach rating and by year 2 had 500 jumps and his D license.Ronnie Shuman USPA Skydiving Instructor - Sigma


Michelle Hart has always had a passion for teaching. She wanted to become a teacher when she was growing up (but somehow ended up being a chemical engineer) and tutored others all through high school and college. In her senior year of college at the University of Florida she discovered that her school had a skydiving club called the Falling Gators. She started skydiving and fell in love with the sport as well as the community and the people. Once she moved out to California in 2014 she started jumping a lot more thanks to all the amazing dropzones in the area and by 2016 got her coach rating and her D license. She is excited to share her passion for skydiving and teaching with others. Michelle Hart USPA Skydiving Instructor for Skydive Club Jump IN

Contact and book Ronnie and Michelle


Joseph Pascucci

Meet Joey, our resident AFF I in Lodi. Joey is an snowboard instructor during the winter and knows customer service. An all around fun human who loves to jump and share the experience. He can be found on the drop zone just about everyday. Make sure to book Joey early as he is in high demand with the students.

Contact me at lifereformatted@gmail.com to find out how we can work together!

Hi! My Name is Joseph Pascucci.  I am a USPA Coach, AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor and Camera Flyer.  Skydiving is one of my greatest passions in life, and sharing that passion with others gives me purpose.  I love teaching!  I have over 2000 documented teaching hours in the snowboard industry, and as an AASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructor with a Level 2 Children’s Specialist Accreditation, I have devoted a lot of time to understanding the psychology of teaching and learning.  Come work with me and get yourself in the fast lane to progression!  I’d be glad to take you on your first tandem, teach your First Jump Course, guide you through the AFF program and help you achieve you’re A-License.  Not only that, I also offer coaching from student skills to high level training in belly skills, back flying, tracking, angles, free flying, camera flying and high performance canopy piloting.  Come work with me and explore a whole new world of flying!

Contact me at lifereformatted@gmail.com to find out how we can work together!

Slavik Krassovsky

Meet Slavik. Make sure to check out his SIGMA link. Slavik has take many of the Flight-1 courses and Alter Ego. He is a coach that get’s coached. Make sure to contact him in advance. Slavik can be found at Lodi on most weekends and is known to travel. I send all my AFF grads to him and he can help get your “A” lic card filled out quickly while you actually learn something.

My name is Slavik Krassovsky, I am USPA Coach. I can train  free-fall portions of categories E-F of your USPA Integrated Student Program (ISP) and sign off appropriate skills on your USPA A-License proficiency card (exits, freefall review, equipment, emergency reviews, etc). I also can teach first jump course and can help you with relative work freefall skills or just jump together and have fun!
About me: I started jumping in 2014 in Seattle and then moved to Northern California short after. I enjoy using most advanced training methods, including utilizing videos in jump preparation and debriefing.

Looking forward to train and jump together!
You may reach me at:

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