Event Phone: 70-971-0357

  • November 4, 2017
    4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Here is where you need to sign up for water training. Space limited, so don’t hesitate. We do one water training about every three months so just go and do it. It’s hard to get a pool around here. At present we have access to an amazing property with a pool and HOT TUB! No worries about being cold. If there are enough people and the weather is nice we will do a BBQ. After class, time permitting and you willing, we can go over other safety questions, discussions and watch some exciting video.

You MUST Do your homework!

Please do not show up to class with out reviewing the info. The PDF doc contains articles, info and video related to this class. This is a class. Not just a sign-off.


  1. Meeting at Skydive Lodi DZ for the ground portion
  2. We will go to a pool in Lodi for the practical portion
  3. Bring Towel and Bathing Suit
  4. Download – Read – Watch the video – STUDY GUIDE
  5. Be Prepared to ride share to the pool
Download Materials


23597 North Highway 99, Acampo, California, 95220, United States

Skydive Lodi. the one and only legendary jump center of Northern California, where champions are born.

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