Event Phone: 707-971-0357

  • November 5, 2017
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sign up here for The USPA Canopy Course “B” license requirement. Limited slots, so if they are available, grab one.

The Course is $175 if you do NOT do the 10 minute Quiz. If you study the material do your quizzes, its only $125.

You must fill out EVERY question and do the test until you get 75 points or more. You have to PASS. It’s open book, so there are NO Excuses. The point is to have you study a little bit so before you come to the course, we are ahead of the game. During the course we answer your questions and fill in the blanks. Take this seriously. This isn’t just a sign off. It’s a REQUIREMENT.

Download Study Guide


  1. Register
  2. Do your quiz
  3. Show up prepared


23597 North Highway 99, Acampo, California, 95220, United States

Skydive Lodi. the one and only legendary jump center of Northern California, where champions are born.

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