Harry Parker, Leader, Team development, Photographer, SkydiverAn Interview with the one and only Dan BC. A Leader of P3 Big Way Skydiving.

Over 20 minutes of information and perspectives from a real respected leader in our industry on the questions asked by Jump IN! leader Harry Parker.  Take a moment to have a personal conversation with someone who knows about goals, moving forward and breaking one’s own boundaries.

A BIG Thank You to Brandon Aaskov for coming up with the questions.  I really needed it to come from Jump IN! Our schedule was really demanding. There is no time for anything.  Brandon came to the rescue at the last minute with questions that really stem from someone just getting into skydiving looking toward big way skydiving.  I believe you will love this interview as much as I do.  I am grateful and truly lucky to have had this personal time with Dan on your behalf.

Big Way Skydiving

As many of you know, Dan BC is one of the true legends of skydiving.  I highly suggest you check out his new web-page.  There are some informative blogs about team-building, winning and becoming a leader, not to mention access to his must have, read now, new book, “Above All Else.”  You can download a couple of chapters for FREE.  www.danbrodsky-chenfeld.comWorld Champion Danbrodsky Chenfeld walks jumpers to the plane, photo by harry parker

During my recent visit to Skydive Perris Valley and the P3 100-Way Camp for Big Way Skydiving, I couldn’t help to be excited around such greatness.   Usually we just read about these folk, but being there in person I really felt I had to get an interview with Dan BC for members of Club Jump IN!

As many of you are up and coming jumpers, there is nothing better to learn from then real experience and success in our sport.  It really hit me that I was lucky hanging out with these people and immediately thought of Jump IN!  I stayed a day later for some wing-suit jumping and Dan was doing some 4-way coaching. His presence on the plane and the DZ  cannot be missed.  He is happy, inviting and always looking out for the people, especially the younger jumpers.

Just so you know.  Dan told me, that if we got a group of Jump IN! members to come out to Perris……………….

He also told me that there is a series of articles in parachutist now that can help you with your plan, focus, four way, etc.  CHECK IT OUT! Big way skydiving is an avenue to check out.

Again, this was shot during the P3 100-Way Camp Event, at the end of a long day.  It took a lot of wrangling and pleading to get this. As you can imagine these guys are super busy and tired.  Even so, Dan graciously agreed and like everything he does, gave it his all.  Enjoy and look forward to jumping with you all sooner then later.


Big Way Skydiving

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