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jump in belly bash-66 editAfter a short brainstorming session in April 2014, Sky Girl Sunset Load was what I came up with!  Although at the time, I didn’t know the impact or influence creating Sky Girl Sunset Load would have on me, I sit here 10 months later in great awe.  This was my very first blogging website and a way for me to bring more skydiving into my life while also having the ability to express myself and life’s sensational experiences.  In turn, this has led me to this point – writing to you from within Club Jump IN!

And so…a part of my story is this…

Dara Shapiro Is Sky Girl Sunset Load

My name is Dara Shapiro and one of my passions is throwing myself out of airplanes.  I started skydiving in 2007 at Skydive Sebastian and in 2012 I started to fly with Club Jump IN!  I currently have about 260 skydives and 1 BASE jump.  Even though I have few jump numbers to account for the many years I have in the sport, I was determined to make changes moving into 2014.  This was the year that skydiving became a priority.

Me and HP My very FIRST Halloween Boogie

Me and HP
My very FIRST Halloween Boogie

Club Jump IN! Welcomes Sky Girl Sunset Load

In November 2014, I joined Club Jump IN! as a leader handling the communication and marketing.  Club founder Harry Parker, “HP” as you might often hear me refer to him, has taken me under his wing and has opened up his mind and heart to me.  Not only was HP the very first person that I met when I stepped foot on the dz, but he has since become a good friend and an amazing mentor.  Hours upon hours are spent behind the computer, teaching me so many things that I knew nothing about.  I’m talking about blogging, web design, photography, etc., in addition to, everything and anything skydiving related.  You name it – HP is dedicated to teaching me!

Club Jump IN!

Club Jump IN! Group Shot

This is what Club Jump IN! is all about.  The facilitation of growth and learning, particularly when it comes to skydiving.  There are endless possibilities to what we can learn and in order to grow as an individual, to grow together, and become old in this sport, we must pass on what is learned!

And so…my story continues through my dedication…

I am dedicated to having an opened mind while continuing to learn, write, and share these experiences through Club Jump IN! and Sky Girl Sunset Load.

With that, I owe a special thank you to Club Jump IN! Leaders Harry Parker, Bill Flynn, and Jon Dixon for not only putting up with my fun craziness, but for also allowing me to pass on what I learn as a result of my inquiring mind!

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